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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Make Your Mark

I have a couple ideas on what I'd like to do as a guest book, but it's one of the few things where I'm still open to suggestion.  So, I thought I'd put together some of the things I've seen/ideas I've had about some of my favorite guest book options.

(courtesy of Blurb)

Ever hear of Blurb?  They make beautifully, professionally-bound books from your could be photos, recipes, manuscripts, etc.  -- pretty much anything you can think of.  I love the idea of putting together a bound photo book, but leaving space for people to sign and write little notes.  
(courtesy of FoundVintageStyle)

I've seen this one around quite a bit too, but I still love it.  Set up a vintage typewriting with a continuous roll of paper so people can just type their notes and at the end you'll have a gorgeous scroll.

(courtesy of Guestbook Store)

Guestbook Store makes custom guest book pages that gets your guests to get a little creative.  I especially like that it has questions to encourage them.   I can just see these as placements at each seat (before the meal has been served of course)

(courtesy of silverlily on Flickr)

I love this one, and it's probably closest to what I'd like to do...but we'll get to that later.  Here, the couple provided blank paper and ribbon and asked guests to tie the notes on to branches.  I bet it's gorgeous with all the papers on there at the end of the night - especially if you use colored ribbon or lightly-patterned paper.

This may be my favorite one always from Martha Stewart.  Instead of having paper, provide fabric squares and fabric pens, allow guests to write message, draw pictures, etc., then sew them into a wonderful keepsake quilt. 

I was all set on this idea until my mom pointed out that with 200 guests, even if the squares are 4 inches wide, it would be a huge quilt.  Plus, when you're doing an entirely paper wedding, why take the one normally paper item and make it fabric. :)

Lastly, Martha Stewart featured using a handmade rolodex as a guest book in her wedding magazine last year, but I can't find an online reference.  While the one she featured was from the incredible Lovely Design, the one above was made by yours truly (aka My UglyKitty) with recycled magazine subscription cards.

So what ideas did I leave out?  :)

Much love!


  1. Oh my word, all of those are amazing ideas! That will be a hard decision to make!

  2. I really like the look of the tags tied on the branches, but it may be a little difficult to store and display after the wedding! My favorite is the vintage typewriter I think! :)


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