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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh dream dress

Dream dress, where can I find you?

Better question, if I do find it, how do I afford it?
Apparently, it's from Carolina Herrera, and it's available in the Spring 2009 line, but I haven't found it...yet.

Much love!


  1. Hi, I found your blog because I was poking around the DC Craft Mafia website looking for local craft groups to join and I saw this as one of the member blogs...weddings and cookies, too yummy sounding not to come look! Anyway, that dress is so incredibly beautiful I just had to leave a comment. I wish it had been out when I got married, best of luck finding a way to get it!

  2. Hey--have you been on ? Maybe you can find it there, gently used, or something else similar. You can get designer dresses for a steal there! It's beautiful!

  3. Thanks Mew! I definitely did. There are a ton of girls over there clamoring to find this dress too. It's almost like it was made just for this wedding.

  4. keep an eye here as well:


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