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Monday, July 6, 2009

More 'maids' Dresses

This weekend a couple of my girls and I took advantage of the fact that Friday was a holiday and went dress shopping. While we didn't order any dresses, I did decide one thing. Matchy-matchy dresses is not what I want. Instead, I love this look:

It's got that classic, effortless style when in fact the whole thing took careful planning and coordination. I love how they don't match, but are completely complementary.

Everyone in the dress shops kept trying to make me pick a dress or pick a designer. I had the hardest time trying to tell them that the only thing I'm concerned about is the color. And, I get it, they're the experts and they deal with crazy brides all the time, but seriously, give me a chance instead of just telling me what I "need" to do.

I like these too :)

So technically we made no progress on dress shopping - except deciding that we can probably better-find what I'm looking for at Macy's, with some paintchips, but shopping all day with the girls was so much fun and something we rarely get to do, so not making any official progress was perfectly fine with me.

Photo credits:

1. InStyle Weddings

2. Original source unknown, but I found it here.

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