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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cookie Stands 2.0

I finished one!

I can just picture all the cookie stands spread out over the table. Each covered with tasty, soft, chewy drunken friends eating too many, while parents tell their children to only take one. :)

I thought I'd try to put together a quick tutorial if you're interested in making something similar.

1. Go to Goodwill and collect a number of vases, candle sticks, plates, platters, etc. OK, so you don't really have to go to the Goodwill store, but you can't beat the prices. I think the most I spent on any of these was $6.

This specific cookie stand used the plate and candlestick circled above.

2. Wash and dry every piece. Not only do the glue directions recommend it, you have no idea where those came from - ew.

3. To find the center of the plate, I took a string and stretched it across the back. Folded in half and marked it on the plate (a dry erase marker will wash right off). I did this a few times. Where all the marks intersect is the center of your plate.

4. I used E6000 glue, which is some pretty nasty stuff - make sure you're in a well-ventilated area and take breaks if you're gluing a lot. Following the directions on the glue container, I put a small amount on both the plate and the candle stick and let it set (about 5 minutes). Then pressed together.

5. I let them dry (plate side down) for 24+ hrs. And it's definitely 24+ hrs because, the one I tested around hour 12 came apart.

6. Once I was convinced it was dry and not going to come apart. I took the stand outside to spray paint.

NOTE: I could not find a spray paint that specifically said "safe for food items." I found glass paint that said "NOT safe for food items" and I found spray paint at Lowes that said something like, "Non-toxic when dry, perfect for all household items," so I went with the spray paint. I don't remember what brand it was though. Either way, I plan to use small circles of parchment beneath the cookies, just as an added layer of protection.

7. Let dry for a couple hours.

I think that's it. Overall a really easy project, just time consuming since you have to wait for everything to dry before you can move onto the next step.

I'll post more as I finish more!


  1. It came out great! I've had all my thrift store finds stored in my backroom waiting for me to get to them. I also had bought various plates, candlesticks, etc. to do this same project. I bought some epoxy to put them together, as I had read in a tutorial.
    I'm very excited to put these together, although I still need a few more plates, and I won't be painting any of them.
    I'm guessing the frames are for signs???? Or is that still a secret....? =)

  2. Thanks! I'm not quite ready to put together the frame project yet, but I will tell you they're for table numbers. I'm excited for that one too :)

  3. This is really really great! I totally want to do it too. Beautiful job!

  4. do you know whether the paint you used was glossy or flat? and is it pure white?

  5. @BagLady, it's high gloss and pure white. I wanted it to be nice and shiny like ceramic (or whatever standard a standard cake stand is made of). Hope that helps!

  6. Thank you very much for your explanations!! The results are amazing! I will try that one week-end for my wedding this summer...


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