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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vintage Stamps - a New Obsession

We all know that I have an unhealthy (i.e., expensive) obsession with all things paper - especially vintage paper. It's just so...perfect - crisp, interesting, it smells like paper. I know, I'm weird.

So when I saw this trend start to emerge, I knew I had to (reluctantly) jump on it.

I just LOVE the vintage stamp look. Especially since USPS is not currently offering anything in blue that I like. Although, they do have these fabulous king and queen of hearts stamps that I've seen people use beautifully.

A couple other examples:

Both above and below from Rory and Brett on Flickr

Another gorgeous example. From Darling Dexter on Flickr

So, of course, the question is...where does one purchase vintage stamps?

Ebay of course! You want to search for new, unused, off paper, amercian, postage stamps (in no particular order). That's how I got all mine. Which, of course I don't have photos of since it's dark when I get home and, really, photos just look so much better in natural light.

I promise I'll take some though - especially once they're on the actual invitations.

I just scrolled through until I found blue ones. Like these...

or these...
Expect to pay more than face value (especially when you count shipping), but it's totally worth it.
There is also Champion Stamp Company I've never ordered from there, but a lot of wedding resources suggest them because you can view their entire catalog and order whatever you want.

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