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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cakey Goodness

I'm keep running lists in my head trying to figure out what I haven't thought about yet, and suddenly today, I realized that I've put virtually no thought into a wedding cake.

To be honest, the cake isn't terribly high on our priorities. I mean it should be pretty, and we'll cut it (although, personally, I would be perfectly happy not having a formal "cake cutting ceremony") but I have no interest in paying $2,000 for a six-tiered, fondant-covered, flowering thing that will be entirely demolished by the end of the night.

(photo credit: Just Fabulous Pastries)

Beautiful? Yes.
$30 per person? No.

Ok, maybe I sound a little cynical...all I'm saying is that I'd rather stick to something a little simpler, but what?

I thought about it, and I think I like dots. Plus, I think they'll match nicely with the cake topper I hope to get.

I could do this one with the largest dots in the darkest blue with lighter shades as the dots get smaller.

(photo credit: TheCasualGourmet)

This one in white with white dots and blue ribbon.

(photo credit: Maisie Fantaisie)

Probably my favorite so far...

(photo credit: Apple Cellar Bakery)

And I'm definitely intrigued by the next one. I like the asymmetrical layers - haven't see that before.

(photo credit: Just Fabulous Pastries)

I just love the scallop design.

(photo credit: InStyle magazine via LeFiores)

But this one incorporates my paper theme. So clean and pretty.

(photo credit: Whipped Bakeshop)

Oh, and this one:

(photo credit: dsharp on Etsy)

I could use security envelopes instead of stamps!


  1. One of my sisters decided not to cut the cake at her wedding. She wanted to enjoy other things and just decided she wouldn't feel guilty about it. I got married in the Caribbean, just the 2 of us so it wasn't an issue. No matter, do what will make YOU happy. Personally I think the taste matters more. I just found your blog and am really enjoying it.

  2. Thanks for the comment! The boy definitely wants to have a little "cake cutting ceremony" least I assume so because he keeps suggesting songs to play during it. Plus, I don't think our relatives would let us get away with it, which is fine by me. I'm not about to stir up the waters over it. :)


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