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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another hint...

As the title of the blog indicates...I'm full of ideas. I'm not so full of the "actually having stuff done," but ideas are always a good place to start. My point is that, I have (at least what I think) is a great idea for the bridesmaids' dresses. But I don't actually have the dresses picked out...OK well I kind of do, I know what company I'd like to order them from, but that's about it.

Anyway, one of our main concerns is making sure everyone is comfortable and happy at our wedding. This meant picking a place that's easy to get to (even if you have to fly in or drive a distance), having the reception at a hotel so no one has to worry about drinking and driving, making sure everything is air conditioned, and that there will be something for everyone to do (broad range of music, toys for the kids, variety of food and drink that everyone can enjoy).

The last thing we want is for anyone to feel put-out by the event...especially our wedding party. I've picked five bridesmaids (who all said yes) and each one has an entirely different body shape and I knew that I would never be able to pick a dress that each one felt comfortable in. Girls, you understand, you can't give a really tall girl the same length dress as the short one, and the one with the big boobs will be pulling up a strapless dress all night. Some like heels, some want to wear their hair up, some want to wear a bra, and I'm fine with it all.

So I've decided to let them pick their own dresses (within reason, I'm still a control freak after all), but the colors will be the key...

Each girl will be given a specific color and a list of dresses in order to create a monochromatic effect. While I don't have the dresses yet, here's an idea of what I'm going for:

I do love this dress from Alfred Angelo, but like I said, it's never going to work for each of the girls.

Really the only restriction is that they'll all be tea-length, I think it's most flattering on everyone. The Maid of Honor will be in the navy and it will get lighter to the end...the company I chose for the dresses also make matching tux vests. :)

As always, once I know more exactly what we'll be using, I'll post that too.

Much love!

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  1. Lovely Renee!
    This is Lindsey of "Jared & Lindsey" (the birdie invitations you are working on). So glad you are doing a wedding blog! I can't wait to watch your ideas progress! I have a wedding blog as well (that you have been featured on a couple times).
    If you want to see how your invitations fit into the big picture check it out! Click on the "my wedding" tag for posts specifically about my planning.

    Good luck with planning and CONGRATS!!


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