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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ooooh Sparkly!

On my way home from another awesome wedding (one of my bridesmaids actually) I kept seeing those billboards that say things like "Only 2 miles!" or "Next right, or you'll miss it!" You know, the ones that follow you on your drive home until you're scared that the world will end if you actually do drive by the worlds largest ball of twine.

Well, all that advertising paid off, because instead of rushing home to complete all the work I have to do, I stopped at a rather large antique shop just outside the Maryland border.

I wandered around for a while looking for vases, old paper, other things that I could turn into decorations when something shiny caught me eye - shiny things always do :).

I've been casually looking for wedding day jewelry, just in case I saw something, but when I saw this stunning antique rhinestone necklace, I knew it was perfect!

"Stunning" is the only word I can really come up with. It just sparkles perfectly in the light and hangs on my neck beautifully. Did I mention it was 1/2 off?

I've been wearing it around the my tank top and jeans, because well, it's shiny, and sparkly, and pretty, and goes perfectly with my tank top and jeans - duh!

I'm going to have to revamp my wardrobe a bit in order to wear this everyday. :)


  1. That necklace is GORGEOUS! What a find!
    (Love love love your blog!)

  2. what's the problem? no need to revamp wardobe. i think it looks cool with wife beater and jeans. you can even layer it to give you more of a rockstar look. mm hmm.

  3. oooo that is beautiful and PERFECT - for everything!


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