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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remember Me?

Hi, I used to post things here, things about weddings (and cookies)?
Anyone? I've been running around all crazy-like the last couple weeks, so I just wanted to check in.

Here's a quick one to hold you over though...

Our chapel is rather plain (aside from the gorgeous white dome in front) and will definitely need some kind of decoration. Decoration that can easily be cleaned and removed and doesn't require any kind of fastening to a wall, pew, or floor. And, I just don't like those big floral spray/bouquet things - they look a little too "memorial service" (and expensive) to me.

Then I saw this idea in the latest Martha Stewart Weddings magazine (I really need to branch out with my inspiration don't I?)

I just love those signs. They're modern, fun, but simple and stylish! I'm not quite sure of the logistics, yet, but I definitely like this.

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