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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I've got STDs!

I once had a client email me about "custom STD cards." After a few minutes of thinking, "she wants what kind of cards???" I realized that she was asking about save the dates. It's been a joke in our house ever since.

Anyway, our save the dates arrived and I'm thrilled!

They're 4x6 magnets that I designed myself. I had them printed by, who I have to say, was fantastic. They came out perfectly! My only compliant is that I couldn't figure out how to order a number other than their preset quantities. I had to place two orders (100 magnets and 50 magnets), but it was totally worth it.

If you want the technical info, I purchased some clip art, designed it in Adobe Illustrator, and uploaded a pdf file to the site.

For the addresses, I bought some light blue envelopes and just ran them through my ink jet printer. I figured it would take less time (and would be much nicer) than trying to handwrite them.

My favorite part though is that we're using Simpsons stamps :). They may not be the fanciest, but they're perfect for us - gotta have some fun, right?


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