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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Ring

I loved my ring.

It was made from a diamond that was in my Granny's ring and a new setting.
I mean I really loved my ring, but now...

I love, love, love, LOVE, my ring. Now that I know the history of the diamond.

We knew the diamond was from my Granny, but we didn't realize that it was a family heirloom until my parents visted my Great Aunt....

My Great-Great Grandfather was a doctor working in Indonesia. As payment for his services he received four diamonds. He had the diamonds made into a pair of earrings for his wife. When she passed away, she gave the earrings to her daughter (my Great-Grandmother).
My Great-Grandmother then gave one earring to her Daughter-in-Law (my Great-Aunt, who my parent's heard the story from) and one to my Granny. My Great-Aunt took the earring and made a cocktail ring and an engagement ring. One of those went to her daughter and the other will go to the other daughter. The earring my Granny had was turned into a pearl ring with one diamond on each side. When she passed away one of the diamonds went to my Aunt and I received the other.
(Have I throughly confused you?)

Now I have one, my Aunt has one, and my Dad's two cousins each have one.

How cool is that!


  1. I found you from your Cake Stand post on Design Sponge, and I love all the prep work you've been doing for your wedding!! I'm nowhere close to planning a wedding, but I love to dream ideas, and you've had some awesome ones! Your ring is simply stunning, and such a lovely backstory to it!! Congrats to you!! :)


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