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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Guest it!

I figured out my guest book conundrum!
Did you know I had a guest book conundrum?
How do you spell "conundrum"?

Well, I LOVED the idea of a tree with finger prints

...but people may not be willing to dirty their gussied-up fingers.

So I paced and thought and thought some more...
and flipped through photos
...and searched blogs
but nothing seemed to appeal to me as much as the tree guest book.

Until I stumbled on this photo from Made by BeaG

(photo credit Made by BeaG)

Then it hit me!

Cut out a bunch of leaves, add a little double-stick tape square on back.
Then let people write messages on the leaves and stick them onto a large tree print.

The idea is just forming, but once I actually have something made, I'll post a follow-up.


  1. this is a fantastic idea! i too felt the same way about the fingerprint tree messiness even though it's super cute. thanks for all your lovely ideas!

  2. Great idea!
    And thanks for liking my card.


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