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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Centerpiece of my Heart

I apologize for the crappy iPhone photos, but the wedding stuff is at my parent's house and my camera is at mine. Plus this way it doesn't give too much away.

We have officially (and by we, I mean my incredible Mom) started making the centerpieces! We've 1/4 of the way done!

While giant floral arrangements in vases are beautiful, they are way out of my price range. Plus, I'd rather go a greener, DIY route.
So what's the damage?
Total cost per centerpiece: about $4!

How'd we do it?

Flower punch purchased at Michaels: $11.99 (after 40% off coupon)
$11.99/25 vases = $0.50 per vase

Starburst punch purchased at Michaels: $10.79 (after 40% of coupon)
$10.79/25 vases = $0.43 per vase

10" glass cylinder vase (I waited for a sale at Michaels): $2.50 each

Glue sticks: already had, but probably about $0.10 per vase

Paper for flowers: Recycled security envelopes - Free! (unless you count all the bills I had to pay to get the envelopes)

Sticks from out yard - Free!
Paint for sticks - Free! (the previous owner's of our house left a 1-gallon can of white paint)

Rice (to weight the bottom): Estimate of $0.02 per vase.

Another $0.10 thrown in for something I'm sure I forgot.

Total cost per centerpiece: $3.65!

All you need is the above materials, lots of time, and a slight mental disorder that forces you to handmake everything under the sun.


1. Punch flowers using the large flower punch.

2. Punch flower centers using the starburst punch.

3. Using a butter knife, bone folder, or finger, gently curl the edges of the flowers.

4. Glue the starburst to the larger flowers. I used a glue stick.

5. Gather a LOT of branches after storms and let them dry on your front porch.

6. Paint branches with white, latex paint and let dry.

7. Take two flowers, add a little hot glue to the back of one, and pinch a branch between the two flowers. That way you have one on each side of the branch, but only have to glue once.

8. Repeat until you have enough to cover all your tables!


  1. Wow! That's amazing! Those look nice, and you can NOT beat the price! I figured you used origami paper, but free security envelopes is a brilliant idea for color and texture. Really a genius idea.

  2. These look so great. The envelope part is what is totally blowing me away. What a great idea. I edit the Brides Buddy blog so I love ideas like yours.

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm really excited!


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