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Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Before 30

If you know me at all, you know that I love lists.
As in, love them.
As in, can't function without them.
As in, three days before the wedding, I drove an hour back to my office at 8:00 at night when I realized that I left my to-do list on my desk.

So with my 28th birthday approaching (Wednesday!) it dawned on me that I'm coming up on 30. I'm in no way thinking that 30 is old or that I'm wasting my life in any way, but I like lists and I like working toward something, and, basically, I wanted to see if I could do accomplish a set of goals if I put my mind to it.

So I came up with my "30 Before 30" list.
I was really hoping that I would have 30 months to complete it, but alas, there are only 24 short months until I turn 30
...go figure.
I'm 6 months behind before I even start.

So here is my "24 Under 30" list!
  1. Start a morning workout routine.
  2. Finish fixing up our house (paint bathrooms, redo kitchen) 
  3. Take a cooking class 
  4. Own a three-legged cat 
  5. Fit into a size 8 (it's been a while) 
  6. Plant a (successful) vegetable garden 
  7. Pay off credit card 
  8. Launch my new website
  9. See the northern lights 
  10. Ride a horse 
  11. Run a 5K 
  12. Have a kiddo (don't get too excited - this is much closer to the "30" end of the list)
  13. Own a ridiculously priced, absolutely gorgeous, designer dress (this will have to be after both #1 and #5 have successfully been completed)
  14. Get another couple tattoos (maybe UglyKitty logo and family crest) 
  15. Get an awesome short haircut with highlights 
  16. Join a local adult volleyball league 
  17. Write an UglyKitty children's book 
  18. Develop wholesale accounts for UglyKittyRedeux
  19. Visit Ireland again, this time with the Hubs
  20. Take a cross country road trip with the Hubs 
  21. See more wildlife (bear, mountain lion, rattlesnake) (from a distance)
  22. Sing Karaoke in public (Rock Band doesn’t count) 
  23. Compile all my recipes into personal cookbook 
  24. Visit all 50 states (only NM, ND, SD, VT, IA, MO, KS left, and I'm going to NM in December)
Did any one else make a 30 under 30 list?
How'd you do?
Did I forget anything?

I'll let you know how I do.


  1. Fun list ReRe! I can help you with the working out/5K bullets! Let's pick one and start training together :)

  2. well, being on the other side of that number, i can only tell you that when i hit 30, i decided that year i would have '30 days of decadence'..(the following year our longed for RTW (backpacking & non-decadent!) trip was to begin, so i knew it was now or never!...which for achieve-ability did include holidays & short breaks we'd already booked; 5 days in Amsterdam-meeting Aussie friends...the highlight being an 8 course Tepanyaki restaurant meal - with us being UK based, we figured if they could make it to Europe, we could make it to the Netherlands!..10 days in Morrocco on a High Atlas safari...(a lost passport added a certain memorability to the trip!) & a lazy girl's trip to Tunisia with my best schoolfriend as her 30th was then too..
    For the day itself, as I'd not done anything for my 21st, nor were we engaged etc, i set up a tea party day at a hotel for 16 friends.. first though, i split them into 3 groups & sent them off on a treasure hunt round the city.I'd written each team clues to collect based on Edinburgh city & they had to log in an answer with me by text...the final clue leading them to the hotel for the celebrations -incidentally, i'd injured my foot training for my first 10k that year, so couldn't walk for 3 weeks at that time...NB highly reccommend the running's hands down my proudest achievement that year & a hobby i now treasure - i never thought i'd become a runner!

  3. I turn 30 in February and have been sort of list-free since my August wedding. We just moved a month ago and I'm just now beginning to think about goals again. Oh goals. I remember when I had you.

    Love the list btw!


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