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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick Catch-up

So I've completely fallen off the blogging wagon. I still love you all, but taking 2.5 weeks off from work meant that as soon as I got back, traveling started up again (that would be 9 trips in the last 12 weeks).

Everyone keeps asking me how married life is and I keep saying, "I have no idea, I haven't been home to enjoy it." :) But I've got a little break (no trips until December!) and hope to get caught up on everything once again.

Plus holiday baking (and my birthday) is right around the corner!!

Until then, enjoy some of my recent favorites:

Lost & Fawned is one of my favorite blogs - Lindsey has such a great eye!
Here are some details from the gorgeous Oregon beach wedding
(For which I made the invitations. She made every thing else)

I really want to make these candy corn cookies in the next 3 days.

...and, while I'm not ready to announce anything yet (no, I'm not pregnant).
I'm working on something awesome in world of wedding invitations.

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