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Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Best Year Ever!

I can't believe that time snuck by me so quickly! Seriously? My last post was Thanksgiving? Wow. That's bad (and I've got the terrible stats to prove it)

Aside from one random spike due to StumbleUpon.

Well there are lots of new things going on, but most importantly (at least as it pertains to this blog), it's time to kick wedding planning into high gear.

We're in pretty good shape...

Ceremony location - check!
Reception hall - check!
Photographer - check!
Officiant - check!
DJ - sort of check! (need to send a confirmation)
Save the dates - sent! (uh, at least I think they're all sent)
Kids bags - made! (yeah, I know...we don't even know officially how many are coming...priorities schmriorities)

I've also become a guest blogger on Wedding Window's new blog. Check out my first post on alternative groomsmen's gifts.

To kick off the new year, I wanted to share some of my favorite (favorite, favorite, favorite) photos from our photographers from The Observatory.

Best to everyone in 2010!

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