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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Having my Cake and Eating it too!

Over the weekend, the boy and I went to the bakery to have cake for breakfast, I mean, taste cake for the wedding.

We enjoyed orange cake
and chocolate cake
and lemon cake
and vanilla cake
and yellow cake
and double-chocolate fudge cake
and buttercream frosting
and white chocolate mousse
and chocolate frosting
and some more orange cake
and raspberry filling
and lemon cake
and diet pepsi!

And after the sugar coma set in...we set out to paint our house.
Word of advice, if you need to paint a house, don't have cake and diet pepsi for breakfast.

Anyway, here's the cake!

Ok, so for the first time ever (I swear) I forgot to bring paper to a meeting. So being someone who needs to see things to understand, I grabbed the nearest napkin and sketched out the design we decided on.

You can picture it perfectly, right?

How about in ivory, with ivory piping, and monochromatic blue ribbons and a monogram? Got it? Great!

and with this on top... :)

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