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Friday, April 23, 2010

Just In Case

Some people may call it “anal retentive,” but I call it “always prepared.”
The boy scouts would be proud.

On the big day, I plan to have my clear nail polish, my mini static guard, breath mints, sewing kit, Tide-to-go pen, oil blotting papers, tissues, nail file, Band-aids, hair clips, hair spray, umbrella, spare pair of shoes, snacks, Advil, inflatable life raft, and King Kong (you know, in case of Godzilla).

So I’ve been searching for a small vintage clutch that will hold all of my life-saving supplies...

similar to this one:

…but everything seems to be coming up short (pun intended).

Until last night, when Etsy’s front page appeared on my laptop in all its, beautiful, “you-should-buy-that” glory. And I saw this…

(photo credit: HeidiCreations)

Isn’t it gorgeous!
And perfect!

(photo credit: HeidiCreations)

Ivory outside, blue inside, and large enough for all my crap…well most of it.

(photo credit: HeidiCreations)

Well, maybe it will be sunny and I won’t need an umbrella :)

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