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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Cloud 9

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? Well, we're officially moved into the new house...and by "officially moved in" I mean I have a bed (with sheets) and boxes stretched out over the floor as far as the eye can see. I haven't seen my favorite jeans in 4 days.

I'm hoping that explains my long absense. And I hope you're willing to forgive me. But, now that we've moved, wedding planning is moving to the top of my to-do list. So what's next on that list? A ring-bearer plate of course!

A long, long time ago, I saw this fabulous necklace from BlockPartyPress on Etsy.

And, a long time ago, I purchased it at Crafty Bastards!
I love it. I wear it all the time. I get lots of compliments on it. I like compliments. :)

So when I discovered that BlockPartyPress had ventured into making ring dishes. I knew it was meant to be.

While the "Wood you love me" dish is downright adorable, the "Cloud 9" style is more my staple (plus it's blue!)

A couple quick emails later, she agreed to make me a custom ring dish!

I don't have it yet, but I was too excited to wait to post about it! So just picture the ring dish above but in light blue, with little white clouds, and a navy "9".

I'll post some pics when it's done! Yay!

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