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Monday, May 24, 2010

And they're off!

It's official,
no turning back now,
no more spell checking,
no more fact checking...

the invitations are sent!
Makes me a little nauseous to be honest.

I have to say, I really love how they came out.
(you'll have to click on it for the full size)
(and I'll take photos when I'm home during daylight again)

If you see a typo - other than the one on the small info card, I caught that one - don't let me know.

As for the boring technical info: I designed it in Adobe Illustrator with purchased clip art. Used my laser printer and printed on Paper Source cardstock (eco white, bluebell, and navy). Then I used this trick to hand-addresses the envelopes.

The stamps are my favorite part though!

I spent a couple weeks (ok, maybe months) searching ebay for american, off-paper, unused, blue, stamps and bought up everything I could find. For the record, the older the stamp, the worst it tastes. I'm very happy the USPS decided to make self-adhesive stamps.

It was so hard saying goodbye to my precious invitations. It makes everything so real. Not in the sense that I'm scared to get married, but what if I put the wrong time? or date? or is says "Remee"? what if the automatic letter sorting machine eats my entire set for brunch? or the hotel phone number is wrong and it turns out to be an adult entertainment number instead?

(that last one actually happened to my friend - luckily they have a good sense of humor)

Well, at least I was able to take care of hungry letter sorting beast fear. The nice people at the USPS let me hand-cancel each one. So they wouldn't have to force fed through the sorter.

They went out Thursday and we even got our first RSVP back today!

So exciting!!


  1. Everything is beautiful! I did for a second think you were offering the option of eating children for dinner :)

  2. Congrats! I LOVE the stamps and the writing for the addresses is genius!

  3. This is so over the top GREAT. I shared it on the Brides Buddy blog.

  4. Shayne, we're only eating the missbehaved ones :)

    Megan and Tracy, Thanks!

  5. I love your invitations and other stationery. I too love Paper Source.


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