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Sunday, November 1, 2009

DIY Hairpiece

I made something pretty!

A flower headpiece is one thing that I’ve been wanting to make since I started planning, but I had to at least wait until I had my dress picked out J. Again with the priorities!

It was ridiculously easy to make too.

First, I went to my local craft store and picked up some random sparkly, wedding-y, white things (more specifically, some flowers, a crystal pendant, large pearl, and this bird thing in with the Christmas decorations because I liked the feathers).

From this photo, I only ended up using the flower and large pearl and pendant on the top left. Oh, and here's the bird thing:

Start by taking the flower apart. I actually used several different flowers. Not so much because I needed more petals (one is sufficient), but I wanted different colors and textures.

If you've never taken a silk flower apart, you just pull the whole thing off the stem and start to dissemble. There is usually a peg or little plastic thing holding the petals together - and there may be some glue, but it peels off.

Here are all the petals from all the flowers I took apart:

Next lay out your design, starting with the bigger petals in back and layer consistently smaller petals on top until you're satisfied with the design.

Then I started gluing. Just a little hot glue around the center is all you need.

Just glue each petal onto the last. You really don't need much glue either since it tends to spread.

For the center, I wanted something with a little sparkle and I found this pendant in the jewelry aisle. It had a little jump ring on it, but that was easily remedied with a pair of wire cutters. :)

A little more glue and the crystal ring and pearl were fastened to the center.

Finally, I uh, broke apart, the bird thing and stole the feathers. I really liked the long ones.

A little more hot glue and I stuck the feathers in between some of the petals.

To be fair, I haven't completely finished it. I still need to sew a hair clip to the back, but you should be able to figure that part without me. :)


  1. Your hairpiece is gorgeous! Well done! And all the more special because you made it yourself...

  2. This is crazy amazing and gorgeous!! I never knew it was this easy to make!!

  3. How would you attach it to a hair comb? just with super glue?

  4. I figured I would sew it to a hair clip, but a comb may be easier for the hairdresser. I'll have to think about that. Either way I would definitely sew it though. You can sew to a hair comb, you just whip stitch around the top. Thanks!

  5. After seeing this blog piece I knew I had to make this for my sister! She was struggling to find something perfect for her hair during the reception and came up empty. I went to the store like you said, bought two silk flowers in white and off-white for contrast, did all the gluing and then snipped off the back of a vintage faux pearl & diamond earring I got from London for just a quarter. It looked amazing! Everyone couldn't believe I had made it. Thanks again for the inspiration and those red velvet cookies which I just made for my office.


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