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Thursday, August 19, 2010

How Sweet it Is

We ended up making about 3,000 cookies for the big day. 

...Chocolate chip... velvet...

Well, you know, you've been reading the blog.

About a month before the wedding, I realized that if I went to a wedding with that many awesome cookies, I'd want the recipes. 

With a couple clicks of the mouse, several reams of paper, and some baker's twine, I put together these adorable recipe books for guests to take home.

Each book had 25 (I think) recipes in it, covering all our favorites.

I used Paper Source's text weight eco-white paper in 8.5x11. and printed each within a 3 7/8" by 9 1/4" area (to fit the #10 backing, also from Paper Source)

Let's try explaining that again. I used Microsoft Word and set my document to two columns each measuring 3 7/8" by 9 1/4". That way I could print two per sheet and save a little paper. I typed up all my recipes and started printing.

I designed the cover in Adobe Illustrator using clip art, but as always, you don't need any graphic design skills - draw something or collage and get it photocopied, use rubber stamps, download a free template (try, or purchase one if you really feel like it's out of your league.

Once everything was printed and cut down to size. I punched two holes at the top (the #10 backing comes with holes ready). 

A little bakers twine threaded through the holes to tie it all together...and ta-da!

The guests LOVED them. People kept coming up to me and saying what a great idea it was and how they were excited to try *insert name of awesome cookie here*.

So give it a try, make it a favor, it's the gift that keeps on giving...provided your guests enjoy baking.


  1. How much would you say the whole project cost? I love this idea and might use the construction for my wedding programs!

  2. Mmmmm...can I get a cookie book? I tried many of your cookie recipes and they were amazing. Our house favorite was the red velvet. This is such a great idea.

  3. Valerie - Let's see...
    80 booklets x 25 pages ea. = 2000 pages.
    Two recipes per page = 1000 pages
    Paper Source Paper = $40 for 250 sheets
    1000 pages/250 pages per pack = 4 packs
    4 packs x $40 = $160

    #10 backing (25 per pack) = 4 packs
    4 packs x $12.50 = $50

    Bakers twine - I have a 2000 yard roll that I bought for $8 so, even it I used 10 yards = $0.04

    Total: $210.04 for 80 booklets

    If you're looking for something cheaper. You definitely don't have to use the Paper Source paper. Any paper from Staples would work just as well and probably costs $20 for 500 sheets. Since I started printing them with some left over Paper Source paper, I had to make them all with it.

    Petals - Thanks! That gives me a great idea :)


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